Why Allergies and Frequent Urination Happens

Published: 03rd September 2009
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If you have a urinary tract infection, you may find yourself dealing with frequent urination. This is true for both men and women alike and other causes include prostate problems (for men), diabetes and other health conditions. But what a lot of people don't realize is that, depending on the allergic trigger, this inconvenience can also be caused by allergies. Most of the time, depending on your sensitivity, this will be related to certain types of food allergies.

Highly Acidic Foods and Liquids

Your normal diet could have many potential allergic triggers which can cause frequent running to the bathroom. Mostly food and drink high in acids can cause allergies and frequent urination but many people may not realize this is the cause for quite some time. Only by keeping a daily food and drink journal, recording everything consumed can the cause of this condition be discovered.

While this food and drink high in acid may not upset the stomach, the way your body digests it could trigger some type of allergic reaction causing the excessive bathroom breaks. No one really knows why this occurs but if this is interrupting your life, you might want to consider banning high acidic foods and drinks like salsa, sodas, teas, coffee and cranberry juice.

Celiac Problems

Some people with celiac disease have difficulty with the digestion of gluten products and any time they eat these products it can cause a different intestinal issues. A side-effect of this condition with some people is frequent urination. Foods that contain gluten products include bread and pasta, which have wheat flour and may cause an adverse reaction when eaten. These wheat based allergies and frequent urination are tied together in this respect and the only way to avoid it for some people is to eat a totally gluten free diet to avoid the symptoms.

Allergy Medications

Allergies and frequent urination could also be tied together due to your reaction to the medication used to treat the allergies. Not all drugs are infallible and many of them come with a laundry list of side effects, one of which could be frequent urination. If frequent urination is a problem, be sure to rule out other health conditions like an enlarged prostate or urinary tract infection first before considering an allergy.

Why This Happens is Still Not Certain

The tie between allergies and frequent urination is still somewhat vague and some folks just seem to have abnormal allergic reactions to different things. The basic thought is that whatever allergic trigger you have creates a chemical chain reaction in your body. Some people may get hives from consuming certain foods while others may have diarrhea, nausea or abdominal cramping. The same food that caused the allergies and frequent urination may not always cause the same reaction. The human body is really one big biological, chemical being and your immune system could have simply been malfunctioning temporarily.

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